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“Close Your Eyes and Tap Your Heels Three Times…”


Unlike me, Pepsi, our partner in crime has finally settled in.  Or she’s reminiscing her former life where moving and upheaval do not exist.

First off, my apologies to all those fab bloggers I follow whom I have neglected in recent times, I will play catch up on all your posts ASAP.  We actually just got the ability to set up this computer 2 days ago.  Something with  hooking cable up on the outside of the house and needing PERMISSION.  What the what?  Waiting on Strata is mind boggling.  Not sure how I’ll do with that.

Moving and Working do not actually like each other and I felt the backlash of their hateful relationship. However, there is change brewing and I see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Being on Instagram actually helps me feel like I’ve gotten a few things accomplished, I can take pictures of little vignettes while the rest of the room is utter chaos and no one is the wiser! Brilliant! Except, it’s a little like lying and so I get to reveal my truth to you all.  Soon it will not be a lie, just fudging, since the utter chaos will eventually move to a little messy, that’s all.

Here are a few pictures where I look like a hoarder.  One week into the move.  Excuse the blurry ones, I thought it was my fatigue but if you can see it too, then it’s just crummy photography. But talk about setting the mood! Bang on.

IMG_4088 IMG_4087 IMG_4086

You may recognize some items from the last house.  They have since been used in this place or donated.  We had to get rid of even more when we actually set the space up.  I loved seeing some things go (hubs recliner for one: Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!) but other things I tried and tried to keep but failed (the tufted white room divider I used for a headboard in the spare).  And is it just me or are people on Craigslist flakes??  It happened more than I’d like to say that the item that was supposed to be picked up by the person you’ve pretty much formed a loving, bonding relationship with drops you like a hot potato – no explanation or ANYthing!  It’s hard not to feel broken up with.  Even if you don’t know them by anything but their email address.  I must have issues I haven’t realized I have…

Notice that wall colour – so similar to the exterior I showed you a couple of posts back.  I’m told by my good friend that it’s call BEIGE.  Or maybe she said BLAH.  Either way, she’s right, I’m unfamiliar with it and it must go.

I was pretty sure I could handle painting all the walls myself as I’ve done a bajillion times over the years, but, you know, life is getting shorter and I have other plans that are a little less messy (maybe) and so we hired painters that are ruggedly capable of pushing the paintbrush for not as much time or heartache as it would take me.  Did you know that painting over beige with white takes 3 coats?  Dodged that bullet.  They start at the end of the month (insert happy dance here).

And so here are a couple of vignettes that I managed to pull together.  I know some people think it’s dumb to hang things up when you will only have to take them down again in a few weeks, but I’m happiest when I’m decorating and so why deny myself the thing that keeps me sane while I wait.  I know the husband and kids appreciate that, no cowering in corners for them!





Poor Pepsi no longer has to sleep on this, you can see where her little body left an indent in the whatever that is:


To be fair, SHE chose this spot, but really, she didn’t have many options. Bad pet owner. Bad.

I wanted to write “Next post I’ll talk about my feature wall plans, my kitchen lipstick plans (Dior lipstick – so don’t judge me) and simple-ish bathroom change ups”, but I’ll instead say “In Future Posts”,  because I am waiting on other experts’ time tables.  Next post will be what ever I actually get done, which should be fantastic, I’m sure.  In the meanwhile, I’m feeling more excited as I move forward into making this house my home.  Thanks for your patience and Lets Roll!



15 thoughts on ““Close Your Eyes and Tap Your Heels Three Times…”

  1. Oh my!!! I’m with you on beige, and am so excited to see what you choose.

    LOL, truly, honestly I did at hubs recliner. We replaced my hubby’s geriatric monstrosity with a new, soft gray leather, and SLEEK rocker recliner.

    Bumping your fist.

    Daughter is getting married in roughly a month, and my blog is like a ghost town.

    But I had this tonight.


    1. Congrats on the recliner AND the wedding. I know it’s been a ghost town, but don’t give up! When the dust settles your juices will start flowing and I’ll reap the benefits of the writer’s soul re-awakening! But I do miss your prose and wit….X

  2. When I’m feeling ‘off’ but can’t explain how or why I describe myself as feeling ‘beige’. It’s that sort of colour.

    I love, love, love your ‘let them eat cake’ wall décor. Was that all your own idea? It’s fantastic.

    Congratulations on the move.

    1. Beige has its place, but not at MY house, lol. Thanks for loving my book art. I posted about it a while back (did somebody say CAKE?) but basically I stole the idea from a coffee shop where they had a ginormous installation. Very cool. This is my shrunken version -and mine comes off easy with 3m products. It was bigger at the last house, and who knows, maybe by the time I die it will be down to just the Cake book haha, but I’m ok with that! I love cake 🎂

  3. So glad to see you in my inbox again!
    I love your little vignettes especially the fireplace.
    I’m with you on hanging things up just to take them down; the soul requires beauty and not chaos!

    1. Isn’t it funny how one corner of order can put a spring in your step? I AM chomping at the bit to get this project after project on its way, but I’m also already tired,haha. Ces’t la vie! And thanks for your kind words!

  4. “Love” the photograph taken “through” the mirror. The blue lamp shades and the painting on the sideboard are lovely.

      1. Perhaps, white drapes? Ikea has perfect cotton ones that “puddle” on the floor. I agree. No more “shades” or blinds for me, either. I like the view, the light, and the look of cloth framing the glass. Your home is lovely and I can’t wait to be inspired.

  5. OH haha I meant on my lamps! And actually the house came with white Ikea drapes so I lucked out there. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I’ll be checking what I missed from you and I’ll return the favour!

  6. Oh My Goodness!!! Welcome to your new diggzzz! I am loving it so far and when it all comes together it will be gorgeous! So sad about the recliner, such a great loss! (sarcasm? um, YAH! lol) I’m with you on that one sista! Hoarder? Nooooooo! But I will admit I was “picking” your photos and saying to myself that I wish I lived closer so I could help you “donate” … straight to my truck! Ha! Sorry it has taken me so long to get here but I have been neglecting my computer lately trying to piece things back together here since the recent market I participated in. Plusssss…. your blog doesn’t show up in my news feed anymore for some reason but I do get it by email. I’ll have to go into my wordpress settings and reset your blog address! I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend! I will chat with you soon!

    1. Hi T! Well interestingly enough, you are not the first person to tell me it no longer comes to their reader. As a matter of fact, my last post didn’t even show up under the tags I sent it to. I wrote support, but they haven’t responded either so I don’t know if they even got my question. Sigh! On a gunner note, how I wish i could have shown up at your market. Was it a blast?
      I just noticed you re-followed. Let me know if it worked. Happy belated mom’s day!!

      1. Hey! The refollow worked! You are now in my blog feed! Yeay! The market really was a blast and I did so well with my stuff! I hardly took anything home! Of course, it was just the heaviest stuff! Oh my aching back! lol! It was all worth it though and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Hope you get the blog stuff figured out soon!

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